What we did this week: Cronuts, Blue Pills and Mario Andretti

Hello! Megan Gilbert here, Content Director of the Studio. I'm compelled to write this because this week was...hmmmm, how can I say this? Oh, here we are: stupendous.

We kicked it off by tackling the cultural and technological underpinnings of online shopping with a Cyber Monday-themed screed by the Blue Beats Pill, some mobile battery-saving tips courtesy of Mophie, and a round-up of some noteworthy "protective design" stars for Speck.


And that was only Monday.

The rest of the week, we brought you some wonderfilled athlete Blind Items, important sports-related multitasking thanks to Lenovo NFL, more shopping fatigue antidotes for RadioShack, signs it's time to upgrade your style to match that of Seiko, all things Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, XTREME sports survival tips from SPOT Trace, and basically the most innovative stocking stuffers we've ever seen (thanks, Quirky/G.E.!). And we and Ford introduced the world to something called a "Fliesta." Now you know.

Then there was the story of Mario Andretti's car crush for Gran Turismo 6, and an incredibly astute conversation about innovation with the smart and gracious Joi Ito, technologist and brand ambassador for Seiko.


When all is said and done, by tonight's happy hour, we will have published

27 individual posts


15 clients

...a big week! And I didn't even get into the 3D printing or the Cronut.


But, wait, sports fans — that's not all. On Sunday, we have our two resident fantasy football experts, Russell Baxter and Micah James, back in the Deadspin comments at noon ET for their third and final State Farm Double Check live conversation to talk matchups, lineups, and predictions. It's been an amazing campaign all around. We're going to miss this one. Until the next one starts up, that is...

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