Watch Us Give the Gizmodo Logo a 3D-Printed Makeover

Happy 3D Printing Week! In celebration, we partnered with our friends at GE and MakerBot to bring the Gizmodo logo to life. Take a look.

Here's how we did it.

First, we needed a 3D rendering of the Gizmodo logo. Designer and friend of the Studio Brian Boucheron helped us out by creating an STL file.


Once we had the rendering in hand, we delivered it to MakerBot's print services. They were tasked with making the logo come to life, while we took care of the fun stuff — picking the color and material. Makerbot has a variety of filament options (pictured below), but we chose an orange PLA for the logo. (Other 3D printers, like Shapeways, allow you to print on ceramics or metals.)

It was time to print, a job that would take just under two hours. We set up a tripod to capture the process because, well, we're sort of nerds like that.


After about 30 minutes, the Gizmodo logo started coming to life. It's pretty damn cool to watch it evolve.


Two hours later, the print was complete.


Video and photos by Justin Cross & Heather Hynes of Studio@Gawker.

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