Arrested Development fans everywhere are counting down the days until the series returns in May, with all 14 episodes dropping on the same day on Netflix (note to all - I may or may not be "sick" that day).

To tease its release, Netflix has brilliantly planted some Easter Eggs throughout its "Watch Instantly" user interface. These titles, all pulled directly from the show, include:

Les Cousins Dangereux -
George Michaels' favorite film, stirring up awkward feelings for his cousin, Maeby.


No stone goes unturned and privacy means nothing in this reality series where sordid secrets and ugly truths come to light. Go behind the scenes of today's tabloid headlines with re-enactments of real-life incriminating scandals.


Caged Wisdom: Musings from Prison
Based on his book, "Musings From Prison," George Bluth presents the latest collection from his ongoing series of life lessons and motivational discourses on the Jewish faith, all while incarcerated at the Orange County Prison.

Everyone loves to be part of an inside joke, and finding a way to connect with passionate audiences in such a unique way - like Netflix has with this set - is bound to go viral. The campaign has been covered everywhere from Buzzfeed to AV Club to our own Jezebel.