Music photographer and friend of Gawker Ryan Muir was one of thousands of honorary Austinites last month at SXSW. He shot some photos on behalf of Studio@Gawker that we never got to show off because hell, we're busy people. So in the Throwback Thursday spirit, here's the festival through Ryan's eyes (or lens, whatever).

Singer/songwriter Sonia Kreitzer, who performs with her band under the moniker Doe Paoro, performs at Holy Mountain for the Middle West Management/Paradigm showcase. Doe Paoro's EP, Ink on the Walls, will be released on Middle West in April 2014.

The Austin skyline as the music festival begins to descend on the city.

Sixth Street is central to much of the action that takes place during the festival. The streets are full of visitors and industry professionals, creating a bustling and busy atmosphere for two weeks straight.

Ribs, collards, baked beans, cornbread, roast vegetables, and roast game, plated.

Many bars off Sixth Street see a surge in business when the festival's in town, so they offer reduced covers, live music, and Texas-specific attractions like mechanical bull riding. Pictured above is a SXSW night at The Trophy Club.

Wristbands are as much of a fashion statement as your pants and shirt. Attendees often wear these colorful bands for days and even weeks after the festival ends.

Andrew Steinthal and Chris Stang of Immaculate Infatuation on a school bus en route to their annual #SmokeAndDenim event.

Andrew Steinthal takes an photo of the spread of food spread for the @Infatuation Instagram account.

#SmokeAndDenim guests serve themselves up choice cuts from the suckling pig and indulge in other home cooked favorites.

Austin restaurant Foreign and Domestic served up a suckling pig to Immaculate Infatuation's guests.

Bright lights and showy manicures in the front row of an Austin showcase.

By the end of the week, panels, parties and showcases blend together into a hazy blur of business cards, buzz bands and blisters.

Ryan Muir is a Brooklyn-based commercial/event photographer and videography consultant. He specializes in music, travel, weddings, and lifestyle photography in addition to producing music videos and short film projects.

All photos by Ryan Muir.